#7 – Things I’ll Miss About South Africa’s World Cup

7.  Practicing Spanish. Si me conoces, tú sabes.  I love Spanish.  I love the language.  I love how it sounds.  I love speaking it and hearing it.  And I love hispanohablantes.

So when the Mexicans, Spaniards, and Argentinians chatted me up, you better believe I was loving it.  Tú sabes.

I practiced for hours.  In restaurants.  Around a campfire.  At bars.  On balconies.  I learned new words (flecha = arrow).  I remembered words I never thought would be useful (deslizar = to slip).  And I explained my affection for Mexico and my belief that a lot of Americans just don’t understand the importance of the relationship.

Some of my new acquaintances complimented my accent, which made me incredibly giddy.  I used to get nervous in front of native speakers because I didn’t want to sound like just some idiot.  Hearing that I speak well, especially after not really practicing in five years, was about almost as good as going to the prom with Chris Flores sophomore year.

You're not wearing orange.
Chris is a better dancer than I am

So, while the World Cup was in South Africa, España’s ability to conquer extended further than the Copa Mundial itself.  It echoed in the chants of thousands of Spanish-speaking fans from Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, y Honduras.  ¡Olé!


10 thoughts on “#7 – Things I’ll Miss About South Africa’s World Cup

  1. This post especially is giving the travel itch. I can’t wait to hear what the number one is. You looked spectacular at prom.

  2. You haven’t aged at all since that picture! Maybe we should hit up Cafe Citron or something for our next happy hour so you can practicar mucho.

    1. HA! Lara, it might be. Although, I think I went to your backyard for pre-prom pictures my junior year, not sophomore. I think I went from the Flores backyard to Kristin Leahy’s, where Sam Nieves’ date asked Chris “Yo why you take a white girl?”

  3. I never really knew that you could dance like this [act like I didn’t find out at Apex in summer 2005]
    She make a man wanna speak Spanish!
    Como se llama (iSi!)
    Bonita (iSi!)
    Mi casa, su casa

  4. One of my favorite pictures. Your eyes look awesome.
    What I remember most was Chris’ Dad having to clean off his shiny shoes after he walked through the grass

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