Nick’s Professorial Roast of Jilla

Kindred spirits
Donatello, not the only one who does machines

Some people are just smarter than I am.  After years of self-deception, I’ve finally come to admit it.  And it’s a tough pill to swallow, a tough act to follow, and a lifetime to wallow.  Unfortunately for my inflated ego, listening to my sister’s boyfriend Nick explain things with such confidence and know-how reminds me that I should shut up more often.

Nick, an engineer, likes to know how everything works and wouldn’t leave you on your own to wince and struggle.  So when Nick roasted Jill, it’s no surprise that he provides context for everything.  You, unlike a heroic Bruce Willis in Armageddon (spoiler alert?), won’t miss a thing.  No inside jokes, no confusion.

The professor held office hours at PK’s Shamrock Bar in Belmar, where he explained that twisted sister of mine in painful detail, including her affinity for rotten food and her irrational connection to stuffed animals.

I open up with a few zingers at Nick’s expense, but don’t worry.  He can always outsmart me.


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