DC: Belly Up to the Great American Beer and Bake Sale – TOMORROW

I plan my day around snacks and meals.  I am at my very worst — rude, irritable, inarticulate, dismissive, judgmental, and unsympathetic — when I am hungry.  After eating 33 XXL pizzas at Pete & Elda’s, I see no reason I couldn’t have a successful career as a competitive eater.

For all these reasons, I strongly advocate the Great American Beer and Bake Sale, happening in DC tomorrow.

beer & bake sale

Date: Saturday, September 11th

Time: 1-4 pm

Location: Adams Mill Bar and Grill

Website: http://beerandbake.wordpress.com/

Just like the good ole days when your elementary school PTA (or PTO if you went to Applegate School) would raise money for Friday night rollerskating, your super-involved, overachieving philanthropists are baking goodies to benefit Share Our Strength, a non-profit organization that addresses childhood hunger.  In this case, it’s my friend and colleague, Andrea.

In addition, the greatest cook I’ve ever met* (sorry Mom) has made some of her renowned oatmeal cookies, this time starring butterscotch chips.  I mean, are you kidding me?  And if that’s not enough, Adams Mill is offering $3 pints and $10 pitchers in case you get thirsty.

oatmeal cookies

* You can (and should) follow Emily’s blog, inspired by our warm household and my unfettered appetite, at Corcoran Street Kitchen.


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