Jon Stewart, you magnificent Übermensch, you’ve done it again

Last time on Benign Humor, I posted a scathing blog, about how people don’t make sense and are destroying my beloved America by being illogical.  I ranted about how there’s no rational reason for anyone to save the day because there’s a disincentive for exhibiting positive behavior.

Well, fear not, 14 people who read my blog!   Jon Stewart is here!  Not here, here.  Like ubiquitous here.  The Royal here?

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (AKA The Daily Show, TDS, or The Jon Daly Progrumm), is coming to DC for a tasteful double-dip.

The Daily Show is filming a week’s worth of broadcasts here in Washington, DC that will likely set this town into the rollicking laughter that it so often causes but rarely embraces.
However, the headline event won’t be 22 minutes of jollies.
On October 30th, 2010, Jon will lead the charge in The Rally to Restore Sanity, an event intended to draw upon the millions of frustrated masses who are just plain tired of watching public officials that are more interested in saving their seats than saving the day.  And let’s not forget the media, which is so hysterical about things of no consequence that it doesn’t even notice that the whole industry is drowning.  Talk about irony.
The revolution will be televised, but it won’t be on a set.  Watch as my comedic hero introduces the signature event, (whole episode found here).
Umm hello!?  It makes so much sense, right?  You are (attractive and) moderate but not apathetic, civically-engaged but busy, media-attentive but skeptical.  So who the hell are all these assholes making decisions on your behalf?  When did a representative democracy become a liability?
Oy vey.  I’m ashamed.  I expect more from my beloved America.  And that’s why we need this Rally to Restore Sanity.  That’s why we need normal human beings like you to come on down to Washington.

Perhaps the most brilliant thing of all is that the rally is not about politics.  In fact, that’s the point.  Those who partake in politics could really learn something from us regular folks.  They’re so focused on winning a zero-sum game that they can’t even govern anymore.   They see constituents and common folk as a forkful at a chili cook-off, a pit stop on the campaign trail, and as a way to hold on to that seat.

But I ask, what’s the point of attending the pig roast if once you get to Congress all you are is hamstrung?


Everybody loses
What the hell are you smiling about, pig?


It’s widely pronounced, or at least CJ Cregg from The West Wing once said, “Decisions are made by those who show up.”  So show up.  Count yourself.  Do something to reclaim sensibility.  Show your public officials that you aren’t a lunatic.  Show the media that its fear-mongering, conspiracy-theorizing, and sensationalizing are both irresponsible and the plot of John Grisham novels.

Your country needs you, America.  Please come.  I have room in my house if you need a place to stay.  I’m not even kidding.  Come and just be normal.  Bring a cooler.  Wear layers.

There’s a sincere sense of purpose that underscores most of Jon Stewart’s comedy, and he is giving that purpose lights, cameras, and action.  All you have to do is come and laugh.


2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart, you magnificent Übermensch, you’ve done it again

  1. For a Catholic, you’re pretty freakin Jewish… Actually – you’re more of a yenta. I digress…

    Can we create a religion based on the Daily Show? It would include Colbert, Carrell, and anything/anyone whose roots are planted in the Daily Show. How come it takes a cable talk show that [at one point, as proclaimed by Master Jon Stewart Leibowitz] follows talking puppets to finally speak to the reasonable citizens? This will be a breath of fresh air, a nice change from the dog-fart-filled air we’ve been breathing for the past [insert large number] years.

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