Top 5 Most Likable People on Earth

That’s it, I can’t take it anymore.  For millions of reasons that I have neither the time nor inclination to articulate, I hereby present to you the baseless, and completely subjective list of Top 5 Most Likable People on Earth:

5.  Conan O’Brienconan obrien

4.  Shaquille O’Neal

3.  Ellen DeGeneres

ellen degeneres

2.  Donald Faison

1.  Jon Stewart

jon stewart


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Likable People on Earth

  1. Ohh no – sorry KC, but I only agree with Ellen and J-Stew. The other three have to go 🙂

    Donald Faison is engaged to Jessica Simpson’s BFF and former personal assistant. That has to take him down a notch. Perhaps you would know this if you had an unhealthy obsession with You have a robust social life so I assume that you also have a healthy (read: no) relationship with

    Every time I see one of Conan’s commercials along with “TBS…Very Funny.” I want to file a law suit against TBS for false advertising. Not very funny. Not even mild to moderately funny.

    And Shaq cheated on and divorced his wife Shawnie O’Neal, who subsequently went on to produce Basketball Wives, which is quite possibly the worst portrayal of women ever in history, so I’d have to say that I prefer the Round Mound of Rebound instead.

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