Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking: QB Attractiveness Rating, Tier 2

Today, haikus about the second hottest group of NFL QBs.  Tier 2, Average to Slightly Above Average Dudes.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Fit, kind eyes, nice smile.
He looks like a gym teacher.
Is that an insult?

drew-brees drew-brees-2

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

Almond eyes, square jaw.
Since I hate the word ‘sexy,’
Just a handsome dude.


Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans

This year Jake looks worse.
Cool it with the facial hair;
Boyish looks are best.

jake-locker-2 jake-locker

Christian Ponder, Minnesota Vikings 

Wow!  Nice head of hair!
Your eyes are close together —
Otherwise?  Way hot.

Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic Gala - Arrivals

Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Jaguars

His face might be nice
But I really can’t get past
Stupid ugly hair.


Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Beady eyes, thin lips.
So why is he in Tier Two?
Big ears are my thing.


Eli Manning, New York Giants

Did you think you’d see
A high-ranking mouth breather?
“Little brother” cute.


Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams

Awe!  He’s so youthful!
Because I also have them,
I don’t mind big teeth.

Sam Bradford


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